20-Year-Old Morgan Taylor From The Voice: Facts To Know

Morgan Taylor, aged 20, from The Voice, impressed the whole arena as all four coaches pressed the button for the lady.

Morgan Taylor is an American singer and songwriter best known for her blind audition on The Voice.

She sang Lizzo’s Cuz I Love You, and we can undoubtedly say that the coaches and the whole audience from home certainly loved her performance. The power in her voice reflected pretty quickly as she started signing in the audition round.

Like Ian Harrison and Jay Allen, Taylor has also progressed into the next round of the reality competition. Given her incredible audition, many hopes are for her to win the show’s 22nd season title.

Blake Shelton was the first person to recognize her talent as a singer and turned his chair pretty quickly within the first five seconds of the signing. Gwen followed Shelton as John Legend, and Camila Cabello turned respectively in third and fourth order.

Morgan had a tough call to make with four excellent singing sensations to choose from as her coach in the whole show. But she took her time and eventually decided to wear the Team Legend jacket as she selected John as her coach and represented his team on the show.

As one of the potential candidates to win the title, here we look at some facts about the singer Morgan Taylor.

Quick Facts on Morgan Taylor From The Voice

Real Name Morgan Taylor
Age 20
Net Worth Around $100,000
Hometown Carmel, Indiana
Height Around 5 feet 7 inches
Instagram @morgansingss
YouTube Morgan Taylor’s Music
Facebook @MorganTaylorsMusic

Morgan Taylor From The Voice Is 20 Years Old

The Voice contestant Morgan Taylor is 20 years old.

When Gwen asked for her name and introduction, Taylor revealed herself to be at the age of 20 as she gave a few details about her background. So, her age is well-known. However, more information, such as her birthday and date of birth, is still missing from the media and the public.

She started singing at age two and performing in various events from nine. Since then, she has focused on singing and has been singing on multiple occasions and at events in different places.

She Is From Indiana And Currently Lives In Nashville

Morgan Taylor is originally from Carmel, Indiana, but she currently lives in Nashville.

She opened up about her place of origin and residence on The Voice stage when introducing herself to the four coaches and the world watching her from various streaming platforms.

Although the details are pretty vague, it seems like her parents shifted from Carmel to Nashville a few years ago, and the whole family is currently based there.

Morgan Taylor Studies Music

Morgan Taylor on The Voice is currently studying commercial music voice with an emphasis on songwriting.

She is a student of Belmont University, where she is majoring in music voice and is also taking the subject of songwriting. From her academics also, we can know that the lady is doing everything to make a successful career in music and rise to the epitome of the commercial music industry.

She Already Has A Big Fan Following

Morgan Taylor was already an internet sensation before she appeared on The Voice.

Over 83.2 thousand people follow her on Instagram, where she regularly uploads videos of her singing and other gorgeous pictures of her private time. The lady also seems pretty active on the platform as she has already made 114 posts at the time and usually uploads Instagram stories.

Besides Instagram, you can also find the lady with a good following on YouTube. Her channel has more than 9 thousand subscribers. Likewise, her Facebook account is also available with 358 likes. These details show that the singer was already gaining fame online with her musical works.

But there is no doubt that her appearance on The Voice will further elevate her popularity in music.

Her Parents Accompanied Her On The Voice

Morgan Taylor came to The Voice blind auditions with her parents, who were delighted with the four chair turns.

They were looking at their daughter’s performance from backstage and were emotionally touched and overly joyous when the four coaches pressed the button turn by turn. They certainly looked like proud parents who waited to see their child get success on the big stage.

But their names and other identifying details such as profession and background remain unknown.

Coach Pick: Morgan Taylor Joined Team Legend

Morgan Taylor joined Team Legend as her journey partner on The Voice.

John commented on her strong points, being the high notes and how she could have played the other parts to her power and minimized the few mistakes. This certainly impacted the lady while choosing her coach on the stage.

But it was not an easy choice as all four judges tried their best to pursue the lady to join their respective teams. Shelton pointed out his stronghold on country music and how he turned the chair the earliest.

Likewise, Camila also tried to pursue her by highlighting her know-how in the pop industry. But in the end, Taylor always seemed attracted to the idea of being coached by Jon Legend.

Some FAQs

How Old Is Morgan Taylor On The Voice?

The Voice contestant Morgan Taylor is 20 years old.

Where Is Morgan Taylor From?

Morgan Taylor is from Carmel, Indiana but she currently lives in Nashville.

Which Team Did Morgan Taylor Joined On The Voice?

Morgan Taylor joined Team Legend on The Voice season 22.