How Old Is Craig Foster Daughter? Charlie Foster Education Details Explored

Charlie Foster is the daughter of retired Australian soccer player Craig Foster, who is 13 years old. Let’s find out more about Charlie and her educational details.

There is no doubt that in the Australian football scene Charlie is one of the biggest names and has managed to stay so even after his retirement because of his involvement in various aspects of football. He is revered for his contribution to football.

Foster has always raised a voice for football players and has been involved in various philanthropy work through international organizations that are trying to eradicate various kinds of issues. Thus, he is also known for his social work.

Meet Craig Foster Daughter

Craig has two daughters and one son. His two daughters are Charlie, Jamme Foster, and his son is Jake Foster. Craig and his wife Lara have endured giving everything that is needed for the proper growth of their children.

The reason Charlie and other members of the family are in the limelight is because of the huge name of Craig. However, there was also controversy involving Charlie in 2016, which was completely bizarre and many people believe to hyperbole.

People on social media were triggered because Craig’s hand was on Charlie’s chest while singing the national anthem in a football match. The kid was 8 years old back then. This made a huge controversy.

However, most of the people took Craig’s side and supported him in this nonsensical accusation to a father of the child.  Many viewed these allegations to be irrational, imbecile, and attempt to mar Craig’s character.

How Old Is Charlie Foster? Her Age & Education Details

Charlie’s age is 13 years old. About her education, she is in her school currently. For her future career, she could be anything because she has support from his parents, who have enough resources to make her dream true.

There is not much information about her known to the public. This must be an attempt of her parents to protect her from unnecessary scrutiny of the public and media. In the past, she had been a victim of that, so it is not astounding.

Craig has been human rights and refugee ambassador for Amnesty International. He has always advocated in favor of footballers. In 2022, he also wrote a letter to the Australian Prime Minister addressing the situation of refugees in Australia.

After retiring, he served in Special Broadcasting Service for 18 years as a chief football analyst. In 2021, he was also appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) because of his work to promote diversity in football.