How to Pay for DSTV Using ATM in Nigeria

DSTV, the leading cable satellite TV provider in Nigeria has made it easier for subscribers to pay for DSTV subscriptions. One way is using the Quickteller online service as we have previously explained in this post. But that will only be possible if you have internet connection on you mobile phone or laptop.
But what if you don’t have internet connectivity you may ask?

You can pay for your DSTV Subscription using the nearest automated teller machine (ATM) as long as you have an ATM card which will be explained in this article.

How to Pay for DSTV Using ATM in Nigeria

Walk down to the nearest automated teller machine (ATM) and insert your card.

  • Enter your PIN and select the Ok button
  • Select Quickteller option
  • Select on the Pay Bills Option
  • Select DSTV option
  • A list of Bouquets will be displayed with the prices, select the preferred option
  • Next, you will have to enter your DSTV Smart card number
  • A verification screen will be displayed
  • Click on OK

Immediately you make payment your DSTV will be reactivated.

However, if your payment was successful and your DSTV has not been reactivated.
Simply send RA SmartCard No to 30333
E.g RA 1234567890 send to 30333

Your DSTV will be reactivated for viewing.