How To Prevent & Clear Pimples Fast

In Nigeria, bad eating and health habits, incorrect use of drugs or cosmetics and environmental factors like the hot weather are just some of the factors that can lead to the formation of acne but they can be prevented.

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Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes unwanted hair from the root. The new hairs will not grow back in the previously waxed area for two to eight weeks depending on our hair growth and cycles. Almost any area of the body can be waxed and various types of waxing are available. Some must be performed by a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. If waxing is done regularly for several years, permanent hair reduction may be achieved. Waxing is accomplished by spreading a wax combination thinly over the skin. A cloth or paper strip is then pressed on the top and ripped off with a quick movement against the direction of hair growth. This removes the wax along with the hair. Another method utilizes hard wax (as opposed to strip wax). In this case, the wax is applied somewhat thickly and with no cloth or paper strips. The wax then hardens when it cools, thus allowing the easy removal by a technician without the aid of cloths. This waxing method is very beneficial to people who have sensitive skin. The body parts you should never wax include inside the ears, nose, eyelashes, eyelids, the palms of the hands, and the soles of the feet. These areas are of particular concern due to sensitive skin that can be severely damaged if waxed. Areas of the body that should only be waxed by a licensed professional include the genitals and the nipples. The bikini zone, eyebrows and lip area are popular with the women for waxing places. There are many advantages of waxing compared to other forms of hair removal. It is an effective method to remove large amounts of hair at one time. This method is long-lasting. Hair in waxed areas will take between two to eight weeks to grow back. When hair is shaved or removed by depilatory cream, the hair is removed at the surface rather than the root. Within a few days, the hair can be seen at the surface. With these methods, hair tends to grow back in a rough stubble. Areas that are repeatedly waxed over long periods of time often exhibit regrowth that is softer. There are also many disadvantages to waxing as well. Waxing can be painful when the strip is removed from the skin. Although the pain doesn’t last long, it can be quite uncomfortable. Another drawback of waxing is the cost: waxing is usually performed by a licensed cosmetology, and it can be quite expensive. You can purchase do-it-yourself waxing supplies, but they may be difficult to use on yourself on some parts of your body. Hair removal is not permanent. When removed against the direction of hair growth, the wax strip can disturb the hair follicles, causing the hair to start growing in different directions. This could also cause the hair growth to be more noticeable and make other methods of hair removal more difficult. Fortunately, this risk is minimal if the waxing is performed properly. Another problem with waxing is that some people experience ingrown hairs, red bumps, and minor bleeding. This is more likely to occur when waxing areas where the hair is thick, especially the first few times when the follicles are strongest. While usually impossible to eliminate, regular exfoliating can reduce ingrown hairs along with an application of astringent or a mixture of astringent and oil (typically azulene or baby oil).


Prevention is key to Getting Rid of Pimples

  1. Maintain a Clean Skin

Pimples grow easily on dirty skin so choosing the right cleanser and the correct method of cleansing is the key. Choosing a Cleanser with PH level close to the skin which are usually termed mild cleanser is the first choice. Wash your face with both hands on the skin and massage for 3-5 minutes, then wash of the soap with clean warm water.


  1. Choose The Right Cosmetics

Oily cosmetics easily make the skin oily as it tends to cause clogging of the pores. You should select the appropriate cosmetics according to your own skin type. The elimination of cosmetics after a long day before going to bed also recommended, cosmetic sap your skin so if you must use cosmetics at night use those which contain an amount of water in them as those type of cosmetics make skin to relax at night.


  1. Eating Right

Like my friend would tell me, greed is the root of evil! If you like to eat sweets then im sorry to tell you that it is one of the causes of acne. If you want to fight acne and have a smooth and supple skin, it is necessary to eat high-fiber vegetables and fruits, as well as taking plenty of water.


  1. Adjusting Your Sleep Time

Yes, I know most of you reading this have never heard of this. You need to adjust your sleep time if you want to get rid of pimples. It is recommended that you go to bed at 11 o’clock as the skin’s metabolism typically starts from 11pm  and ends around 2am.


  1. Exercise Regularly

No matter how busy you are, you have to do some sort of exercise or sports. Many of the benefits of exercise are accelerate blood circulation, prompting the body of waste discharged in time and with the sweat helps keep the skin pores open.


Other Methods to Get Rid of Pimples:

  • Mung Bean Powder Mask

You can google the Mung Bean up to see more pictures of it. This can be homemade, it is cheap, convenient and effective! Mung bean flour mixed with water into a paste and applying on the face at night before going to sleep where acne appears helps. Clean the skin by washing as recommended above then apply the paste as a mask painted on top, 15-20 minutes after the wash with warm water. Repeat for two weeks and you will see your pimples vanished.


  • Applying Milk