Indian Companies in Nigeria: The Full List

There are close to one hundred major Indian companies in Nigeria. Some of these companies are Indian companies with locally incorporated offices in Nigeria while others are Nigerian companies with some form of Indian investments.

Below is a list of some of these Indian companies in Nigeria

  1. Nipco
  2. Conoil
  3. Seven-Up Bottling Company Plc
  4. Emel Group
  5. Atlantic Shrimpers Limited
  6. Royal Salt
  7. Kewalram Chanrai Group
  8. Chellarams Plc
  9. Tata Africa Services
  10. Far East Mercantile Co Ltd
  11. Dana Group
  12. Park n shop – Aarti Group
  13. Milan Group
  14. JAWA Group
  15. MACE Group Lagos
  16. Mecure
  17. Airtel
  18. Lacasera
  19. Olam Nigeria Limited
  20. RoomansEneliye
  21. Sunflag MG Menon
  22. Indomie/Dufil Prima Food
  23. Tower Aluminium (Nigeria) PLC
  24. Aarti Steel
  25. Chi Limited
  26. Bajaj Auto
  27. Springfield Agro Ltd.
  28. PANAR Group
  29. SIMBA group
  30. Parco
  31. Bhojsons& Co (Nig) Ltd
  32. Tech Mahindra
  33. Prestige insurance
  34. Sterling Bank Plc
  35. Churchgate
  36. Primlaks Nig Ltd
  37. Contec Global
  38. Hyundai Motors Nigeria Ltd
  39. Oando Plc
  40. Dangote Group
  41. Emjays
  42. Veepee Industry Ltd.
  43. Somotex
  44. Stallion Commodities
  45. Dana Holdings
  46. Nagode Industries Ltd
  47. Pure Chem
  48. Banarli Nigeria Limited
  49. Skipper T&D Corp
  50. Tech Mahindra Africa
  51. Godrej Nigeria Ltd.
  52. Shree Steel
  53. Sterling Global
  54. Lagos Free Trade Zone
  55. Spectranet
  56. Afprint Nigeria
  57. Samstar Nig Ltd
  58. EnPee Nig
  59. Satguru Travels
  60. Metropolotan Ind
  61. Tulsi Chanrai Foundation
  62. GeePee Group
  63. Chanrai Nig Ltd
  64. Sunola Food Ltd
  65. Sapoonji Pala Ji
  66. MBH Power
  67. Sam Pharmaceutical Ltd
  68. Cumberland Hotel
  69. Ranbaxy
  70. Spintex
  71. Amri Global
  72. Agro Allied
  73. Church Gate
  74. ContecNig
  75. Metroplotitan Ind
  76. Kewalram Chanrai Foundation
  77. Amri Global

We have also provided a brief profile of some of these notable Indian companies below

  1. La Casera Logo Company PLC

La Casera is a leading beverage company and the pioneer of PET bottled carbonated soft drinks in Nigeria.  It is a member of the JOTNA Group of Companies.

Incorporated in 2000, La Casera manufactures, markets, and presently distributes seven products, including Nirvana Premium Table Water in its stable across the nation and other parts of West Africa.

In 2001, La Casera launched the La Casera Apple carbonated soft drink which at that time was the first drink offered in a PET bottle.

In 2015, La Casera had a turnover of over N15 billion. In that same year, the company’s market share reached 7% in 2015 placing it in the third position behind the Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd and Seven-Up Bottling Company Plc.

The plant and head office of La Casera is located at the Mile 2 Bus Stop along Badagry Expressway. The La Casera plant has an installed capacity of about 2000 BPM (bottles per minute) which translates into an installed capacity of more than 1 billion bottles of 50cl per year. The bottling lines are all supplied by the Krones Company in Germany, the world’s leading supplier of beverage equipment.

Other La Casera products apart from the La Casera Apple include Nirvana Tonic Water and Nirvana Soda Water which were launched in August 2012. Smoov Chapman was launched in September 2014, While Bold Bitter Lemon formerly Nirvana Bitter Lemon was re- launched in 2015.

Over the years, La Casera has grown its presence and awareness continuously and its products are one of the best distributed products across the whole of Nigeria, similar to Coca-Cola™ and Pepsi™.


NIPCO is known for the distribution of white oil products, CNG and LPG in Nigeria. The company markets its products through strategic business units – NIPCO Retail, nCNG, NIPCOgas, Lubricants and now NMCG.

NIPCO was set up with the objective of becoming a fully integrated oil & gas company.

The company began as a Petroleum storage tank farm at Dockyard Road, Apapa, Lagos. Currently, NIPCO handles annually a throughput of 1.9 billion litres (1.6 Million MT).

In line with its objective, NIPCO expanded its operations with the commissioning of LPG storage and distribution terminal in the year 2008. Subsequently NIPCO ventured into retail marketing of petroleum products in the year 2009. NIPCO made foray into CNG business as a pioneer in the industry in the 2010. A joint venture with Nigerian Gas Company Limited (NGC) was started in the name of Green Gas Limited (GGL).

NIPCO PLC is also involved in the upstream oil and gas business with minor stakes in OML 40.

  1. Conoil

Conoil was incorporated in 1984 under the name Consolidated Oil Nigeria Limited and subsequently   changed to Conoil Producing Limited. The company is engaged primarily in the exploration, production and sales of crude oil.

Conoil has numerous oil blocks, namely: OMLs 103, 136 and OPLs 290 and 257 which were acquired and paid for after competitive bidding rounds organized by Federal Government of Nigeria.

  1. The Seven-Up bottling Company Ltd

Established in 1960, the Seven Up Bottling Company is another Nigerian company with Indian investment. The company is one of the largest independent manufacturer and distributor of popular soft drinks brands in Nigeria.

The brands include are Pepsi, 7UP, Mirinda, Teem, Mountain Dew and the novel H2OH. These products are produced and marketed in the company’s 9 manufacturing plants.

The company markets its products to over 200 distribution centres spread across the country. Currently, the company has a workforce estimated at 3500 employees.

5. TATA Africa Services

Established in 2006, TATA Africa Services (Nigeria) Limited was established in Lagos, Nigeria as a subsidiary of TATA Africa Holdings (SA) (Pty) Limited, South Africa and serves as the hub of Tata’s operations in Nigeria and the rest of West Africa.

TATA has a strong presence in Nigeria with investments exceeding $10 million. The company has a strong infrastructure base, excellent marketing capabilities, knowledge of the local market and needs, highly qualified manpower and a commitment to community development initiatives for improving the quality of life of the people.

Tata Africa Services (Nigeria) Limited offers products in the  segments of  passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, medium commercial vehicles, heavy vehicles, material handling equipments(forklift trucks, stackers, tire handlers etc), heavy equipments (excavators, back-hoes, graders and cranes etc), tires, construction equipment (concrete mixers etc), steel and chemicals.

Tata Nigeria has set up a state-of-the art 3S (sales, service and spare parts) facility at Amuwo Odofin Industrial Layout in Lagos and a branch in Port Harcourt. The company has appointed dealers in Nigeria which are Simba Motors (Northern region) with headquarters in Kano and Viramsun Motors (Central region) with headquarters in Abuja. The South-West, South- East and South –South regions are currently being operated by Tata Nigeria.

Other notable Indian companies include:

The Dana Group, one of the leading industrial conglomerates in Nigeria with operations across a diverse range of sectors, with manufacturing facilities, trading capabilities and wide distribution networks. The Group is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of plastic products, pharmaceutical products, bottled water, milling of steel, assembly, sales and servicing of motor vehicles, and aviation.

The Jawa Group of Companies is another reputable Indian company operating in Nigeria. The group is involved in the manufacture and slaes of pharmaceutical Formulations and quality medicines in the country.

Airtel is another prominent company in the telecommunications sector that has an Indian origin. The parent company is Bharti Airtel Limited which is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa.