Is Rich Show aka Kenson Hunte Arrested?

Hunte, a rapper, got arrested for the crime he committed a fake document to purchase cell phones. According to United States Attorney, he has used the identification in the Southern District of Georgia. His criminal activities paid him off for more than five years in prison, and he had to pay up to $250,000. 

Moreover, Hunte has worked with other defendants, which has created risk for other people. According to David H. Estes, Acting U.S. Attorney, they have caused the financial problem for dozens of innocent people. 

Further, the U.S. team of the Southern District of Georgia has worked along in the case and exposed the criminal, and they want to create a safe place to live. However, this suspect has kept the burden on the innocent people who have to gain their financial backgrounds stable. 

Nevertheless, Sheryl Henderson, Colby Hart, and Monique Laing have participated in the crime alongside Hunte. All of them pledged guilty to using fake documents, due to which they have got sentenced to 16 months in jail. 

Atlanta Rapper Murder Sentence Verdict

Kenson Hunte was the one who was involved in the murder of rapper Jermone Blake. He has created a scenario that led to the death of two-person. Before the incident, he has got involved in a robbery case in Metropolitan Parkway. 

However, the rapper has shot to death, and the case started in 2016. Also, Hunte got involved in a Georgia case, which had a verdict of five years of jail and had to pay $250000 and two years of prison in an Alabama case. 

Rich Show Net Worth Revealed

Rich Show’s net worth is not yet confirmed. Along with singing, he has got involved in various other criminal activities. He has participated in the robbery of a necklace and $50000 cash. Although he has acquired a husky sum from theft and stealing, his crime has paid off by law. 

Moreover, he has established his wealthy life as a rapper but ruined it with his hand involved in the crimes. Also, he has let down his popularity with this case.