Is Singer Eartha Kitt Daughter Adopted? Kitt Shapiro Net Worth And More

Singer Eartha Kitt’s daughter Kitt Shapiro is not adopted despite the constant questioning among the fans.

Eartha Kitt was a singer, actress, comedian, and activist from the United States of America. She was born in St. Matthews, SC. Sadly, according to the Daily Mail, Eartha never got a chance to learn the name of her father, let alone his identity or know him in person.

Kitt began her career with the Katherine Dunham Company in 1943 and stayed with the group until the year 1948. She has a distinct voice and talent for singing and recorded some famous songs, including Santa Baby, Champagne Taste, Lets Do It, Just an

Old Fashioned Girl, and many more during the late 1940s and early 1950s.

After her success in singing, Kitt was offered the role of Helen of Troy in his staging of Dr. Faustus by Orson Welles in 1950, starting her acting career. She later appeared as Catwoman in the Batman series in 1967 and is famously known for her role.

Let us learn more about Eartha Kitt’s daughter Kitt Shapiro and take a closer look at her net worth and age.

Quick Facts

Name Kitt Shapiro
Age 60 Years Old
Date of Birth November 26, 1961
Mother Eartha Kitt
Father John William McDonald
Relationship Status Married
Husband Allan Bruce Rothschild
Ex-husband Charles Lawrence Shapiro
Son Jason Shapiro
Daughter Rachel Shapiro
Net Worth $4 Million
Instagram @kittshapiro

Is Singer Eartha Kitt Daughter Kitt Shapiro Adopted?

Singer Eartha Kitt’s daughter Kitt Shapiro is not adopted according to the official page of Kitt called Simply

The question about Kitt Shapiro’s adoption has been floating around the internet for several years. People believe the singer might have adopted her, but that is not true, according to the same article by Simply Eartha.

Furthermore, the article details the reason behind the rumors about her adoption simply because of her color. Her skin color does not match her mother’s color, and people believe Eartha might have faked her pregnancy and childbirth and adopted Shapiro secretly.

Kitt Shapiro is the only daughter of singer Eartha. She was born to her mother and her father, John William McDonald.
According to Eartha’s Wikipedia profile, her parents Divorced four years after her birth in 1965.

She was born in LA, United States, and was raised by her mother single-handedly. Kitt Shapiro is the biological daughter of Eartha Kitt and her only child as well.

What Is Kitt Shapiro Net Worth 2022?

Kitt Shapiro’s net worth is $4 million as of 2022, according to Citi Gist.

However, she has not revealed anything about her actual fortune or riches on the web yet. She keeps her finances away from the general public and the media.

Shapiro has made much of her fortune with her career as a writer and from her mother’s legacy. She is also writing a book titled Eartha & Kitt, which details the life of her mother and the relationship between them.

Kitt might also have incomes from the royalty, publication rights, and promotion rights of her mother but she has not verified the information on the web or mentioned anything about those things during interviews yet.

While she has an impressive net worth, Kitt also has an equal if not more impressive legacy and fame which she has borrowed from her mother and has added to with her own hard work.

Meet Kitt Shapiro Family

Kitt Shapiro was born to her parents, Eartha Kitt and John William McDonald.

Her mother was an icon in the American entertainment industry. She was a professional singer and actress.

Her father worked as a real estate investment company associate. Kitt’s parents divorced in 1965, four years after she was born.

However, Shapiro has started a family of her own with her husband, Allan Bruce Rothschild. The couple tied their knot in 2002 and has been together ever since.

She was previously married to her former husband, Charles Lawrence Shapiro. They share two beautiful children, a daughter Rachel Shapiro, and a son Jason Shapiro.

Some FAQs

Is Singer Eartha Kitt Daughter Kitt Shapiro Adopted?

No, singer Eartha Kitt’s daughter Kitt Shapiro is not adopted but is the singer’s biological child.

Who Is Kitt Shapiro Father?

Kitt Shapiro was born to her father John William McDonald and mother Eartha Kitt.

What Is Kitt Shapiro Net Worth 2022?

Kitt Shapiro’s net worth is $4 Million as of 2022.

Does Kitt Shapiro Have A Wikipedia Profile?

No, Kitt Shapiro does not have a profile in the official website of Wikipedia yet.

Does Kitt Shapiro Have Siblings?

No, Kitt Shapiro does not have any siblings as she is the only child of her parents.