Jerry Tillinghast Wikipedia And Obituary- Former Mob Enforcer Died At The Age of 75

Former Mob Enforcer Jerry Tillinghast died at the age of 75. Please continue reading this article to explore his death cause.

Tillinghast is a member of the Patriarca crime family’s vicious Ouimette faction. Tillinghast possessed biceps and an outsized physical structure, according to his coworkers, which enabled him to smash through the stainless-steel doors.

Jerry Tillinghast has a son named Jarrod Tillinghast, who used to be a professional boxer. In the year 2017, Jarrod was charged with breaking a no-contact order regarding his ex-wife.

He was also accused of driving while inebriated. At this time, no information regarding his wife or partner is known.

Obituary: Jerry Tillinghast Death Cause – How Did He Die?

Jerry Tillinghast, a former mafia enforcer, died at the age of 75. He died of natural causes early Monday morning.

In Rhode Island, Tillinghast was a notorious mafia figure. He was engaged in the Bonded Vault theft and was linked to crime leader Raymond Patriarca.

“There is no glamour,” Tillinghast stated in a 2018 appearance on NBC 10’s Coffee Break.

He and Broadmeadow collaborated on a book called “Choices: You Make ‘Em, You Own ‘Em,” which recounted his long involvement with the mob.

Tillinghast expressed his hope that the book will assist individuals in making better decisions.

“If you commit a crime, you will lose all you own,” Tillinghast stated during the 2018 Coffee Break.

Tillinghast was one of eight thieves who raided approximately 200 enormous safe-deposit boxes used primarily by wiseguys and their friends in 1975.

Jerry Tillinghast Wikipedia And Age Explored

Jerry’s precise date of birth is still unknown. He was, nevertheless, 75 years old at the time of his death.

Jerry Tillinghast grew up in a tough neighborhood of town called South Providence. He went home after participating in the Vietnam War and was arrested in connection with the murder of a local bookie.

He met mafia leader Raymond Patriarca while awaiting trial in prison and joined the ranks of New England organized crime.

Later, in return for a city job, Jerry secured votes for Buddy Cianci. He was acquitted of his role in the Bonded Vault theft in 1976.

Tillinghast and his elder brother, Harold Tillinghast, were arrested and convicted in 1978 for shooting mafia loan shark George Basmajian in a stolen automobile near Warwick’s T.F. Green Airport.

He was imprisoned for twenty-nine years.

Former Mob Enforcer Net Worth Details To Know

Regrettably, the actual net worth of former mob enforcer Jerry Tillinghast has yet to be disclosed. However, according to other online reports, he died with a wealth of ten million dollars.

Nevertheless, it has not been validated by officials, making it difficult to make any claims at this time.

Tillinghast and his team, on the other hand, had made a profit of $38 million on the vault robbery. Each participant received $64,000 in cash.

His other endeavors also aided him in accumulating a fortune, although the actual amount has remained concealed from the public view.