Kim Won Joong, Career, Prada, Wife & Net Worth

Kim Won Joong, if this name did not ring the bell, then you probably are lagging behind in the fashion industry. The whole reason is that this handsome is the first Asian model, not even male but ‘The First’ of the Asian heritage to grace the runway of Prada. The most distinctive feature of Kim is his height, monolid eyes, and chiseled face.

By now, you might be eager to know about Kim Won Joong. If you are, then you are in ht right place to quench your thirst for this model. The discussion will include his age, height, body, and how he could mark his name at such a young age. Even more, we will emphasize his love life in brief. Before that, let’s know some quick facts;

Kim Won Joong Family, Childhood and Education

This handsome was born in the city of South Korea, Busan. The place is often referred to as California of the nation for its coastal beaches and fantastic landscape. Being born there, Kim was in touch with everything, whether it be fashion or technology. There is no denying that his family fulfilled his basic requirements.

Fun Facts: Kim Won Joong has a blood type of AB.

However, Joong has yet to reveal his parents’ names and whereabouts. Similar is the case within his siblings; there is no valid information even if he has one. Raised in Korea, he ought to be secretive as fan seems to follow them everywhere.

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Talking about education, the institute, university, and school name is not known to the general mss. But sources suggest that he dropped out of college in the first year. It appears that this handsome has not received his bachelor’s degree until now. Moreover, Kim is South Korean by nationality and comes from Korean heritage.

Hobbies and Favourite Things of Kim Won Joong

  • Favorite Music/Band: The Black Skirts, Beenzino, The Knoxx, Pheonix, Liztomania, The Kooks
  • Hobbies: Collecting (stamps, silver, shoes, art, books, etc.)
  • Favorite Clothing: Cap and Shoes
  • Favorite Artist: Tilda Swinton
  • Future Destination: Places he has been(Milan, Paris, New York, LA, Tokyo, Bangkok)
  • Something uncool but loves doing: Smoking
  • Fashion Designers: Raf Simons, Jill Sander
  • Inspirations: Eita, Matsuda Ryuhei, Tilda Swinton, Cole Mohr

How Old Is Kim Won Joong? Age, Height, and Other Measurements

This cute model was born in the year of 1987. In 2020 he was 33 years old and falls under the sun sign of Aries. With his youth, chic look, Kim does not look as if he is in his 30s. But we must tell that this man has maintained his stature figure quite well. Also, he celebrates his birthday each year on the 31st day of March.

Despite the fact that Joong’s weight and vital statistics measurement are not disclosed to the public, he is open about height. Surprisingly this man grew up ten centimeters in just a month. In his junior high school years, Kim was 170 cm. In the present context, this young model stands tall at a towering height of  6 feet 2 inches(189 cm). 

This professional model is blessed with high fashion looks that seem fashionable when he graces the runway. His fit body tends to embellish his height. Also, his white complexion looks fabulous in black attire. To sum up the look, Kim has a pair of black eyes and sleek black hair.

Professional Career

AS mentioned above, this cool model is Asia’s first model to grace the Prada Show in Milan, Italy. But the question remains how did he reach this much stardom? How did a young man who dropped out of college end up walking down the ramp for such a huge company?

The answer to this is still in search by Kim. He never thought in his wildest dream that he would be a model, let alone walk for one. Although things started to change when he grew a few centimeters in college. Later he dropped out of college and then served his country’s mandatory Army service for two years.

After a couple of years, Kim was free in the year 2009. At that time, he had no job and no college degree. Things were getting tight, and this model moved to Seoul in search of a new profession. Luckily he was hired at a clothing store called American Apparel. That was a small Jon for him, but at that time, it was all he had.

However, being in a shop-made, he feel like a fashion designer. Moving on in the same year, he was scouted by the Curmas Model Agency’s casting director. From that moment on, there was no looking back in this handsome’s life. With his gentle and humbleness, Joong was able to win the heart of the man.

After being somewhat stable in the fashion industry as a model, this talented man decided to go international. Therefore he went to France, Paris, and gave it a hand in a different profession. On his first try, Kim was turned down. However, he was not the one to give up.

Again Joong tried designing one more time and was signed by I Love Models agency. The same season suddenly, he graced the runway for the most prominent company Prada. And just like that, he was seen serving on the ramp in 2013.

Until now, this stunning model is working under the supervision of Major Model (New York), Success Models (Paris), and I Love Models (Milan). He has featured on Elle’s cover, L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, to name a few.

As a fashion designer

In collaboration with the other two friends, this handsome release a clothing brand called 87mm. He made his debut as a fashion designer in 2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week. That surely got a positive response from the audience, and he was pumped up to chase a new profession.

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In 2020 this model turned designer has established himself well in the fashion industry People have also been calling him ‘King Won-Joong.’ Despite all this, Kim is humble and ever and expressed how he would love to continue modeling as long as he can. In an interview with The Korea Times, Kim revealed that,

“I see myself as a model more than a designer. I would not have become a fashion designer if I had not succeeded as a model. I do have an interest in the entertainment field, but I do not want to go beyond my responsibility. I don’t even know what I want to do if I become popular as an actor, I want to be respected in my field as a model for now.”

Who Is Kim Won Joong Life Partner? Is He Married?

Undoubtedly, this gentleman is a heartthrob of many female fans and has caught the attention of them since his arrival. But this handsome is already walked down the aisle with fellow model Kwak Ji Young in May 2018.

Despite being the two most famous figures in the industry, the duo has not shared their love affair with the fans. But some liable sources revealed that they were dating for seven consecutive years before tying the knot with each other.

As soon as the lovey-dovey couple announced their marriage on February 9, 2018, they posed a wedding photoshoot for Elle Korea. In the photo, groom Kim was leaning against going to be bride Kwak. The picture itself is a masterpiece and an excellent memory for them.

As both being a model, they have a different slice of fashion style. The photo got recognition when cute model Young is wearing an unconventional grey suit with a bow tie rather than a  traditional white gown. Luckily the duo looked chic and elegant.

What Is The Net Worth of Kim Won Joong?

As this dandy man is the acclaimed model of the industry, his fame is soon to touch the sky. Unlike other models, Kim worked hard from scratch to reach where he is today. With his hard work, determination, and passion, he has been able to amass a hefty amount of money.

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No matter how much Joong is open about himself in the media, this South Korean model has not revealed his net worth. Similar is the case with his annual income and assets. There is no denying that Joong has been making truckloads of money from his work. Not to forget, he also owns a clothing line called 87mm.

Social Media Presence

This 33 years old model loves to stay in touch with his beloved fans. And the only way to do so is through social media platforms. Kim also utilizes it to publicize his brand. Not to mention Joong is active on Instagram.

Instagram–  340k Followers