Lamar Bonaparte Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is Leva Bonaparte Husband?

Leva Bonaparte husband Lamar has a net worth that surpasses $8 million from his work in various hotel sectors. The couple has had considerable success combining their personal and professional lives.

Bonaparte joined the cast of Southern Charm in season 7 after making several appearances as a guest on the program over the years. Bonaparte was the show’s first person of color to be given a role.

Seven socialites who reside in the exact Charleston, South Carolina neighborhood are the focus of the Southern Charm show, which follows their personal and professional lives. Leva Bonaparte has been involved with the show since 2020, and it debuted in 2014.

Despite having Iranian ancestry, Bonaparte spent most of her youth in South America and Canada.

She met her husband on a business trip to Charleston about twenty years ago. The two entered the hospitality industry together, operating several clubs and restaurants throughout the city.

Quick Facts

Full Name Leva Bonaparte
Profession Actress
Birth Date May 3, 1979
Age 43 years old
Birth Place India
Marital Status Married
Husband Lamar Bonaparte
Net Worth $3.6 million

Lamar Bonaparte Net Worth

According to Stars Offline, Lamar Bonaparte’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

Lamar was raised in Charleston and went to South Carolina State University. There, he earned a degree in accounting. Lamar has more than 20 years of experience working in the hotel sector.

Clearly, Leva and Lamar are partners in both life and business. The Republic Development and Management Group and 26 Industries, a marketing and event management company, are operated by the two.

They have modernized, restored, and changed nightclubs and dining establishments in the Charleston region. They also run many restaurants on their own.

They launched Mesu, a fusion restaurant serving sushi and Mexican cuisine, in September 2019. Craig Conover, the cast of Southern Charm, is their business partner for Mesu.

In addition, Bourbon N’ Bubbles and Republic Garden & Lounge are owned by Leva and Lamar. All of their businesses are situated on King Street, one of Charleston’s most well-known and identifiable streets.

Even though COVID has damaged many taverns, restaurants, and nightclubs, their commercial endeavors appear to be doing well.

Lamar’s Wife Leva Has A Similar Astounding Net Worth

According to Thrilling, Leva has a net worth of $3.6 million as of the time of this writing. She also spent more than 20 years in the hospitality sector, during which time she accumulated a sizable fortune.

She ranks fourth in wealth among the cast, only after Patricia Altschul, Thomas Ravenel, and Shep Rose. She might become richer because appearing on the show seemed to assist the businesses of other cast members.

The Southern Charm series is where Leva is best recognized for her work. According to Thrilling, she earns roughly $25,000 a season from the show. She took over for Cameran Eubanks, who quit season six of The Southern Charm program.

Sources suggest that Eubanks left the program because of allegations of infidelity against her husband by Kathryn Dennis, which she refuted and said Lamar Bonaparte was faithful to her.

Eubanks’s friend Bonaparte stepped up after Eubanks decided to leave the program, moving up from a supporting position to joining the main cast and earning a sizable salary.

There are hardly many positive things that former cast members can say about Southern Charm. Producers appear to be more concerned with drama and story than with the truth and the welfare of the cast.

It makes sense why the show pays its stars so well, but only a few of them stay on for an extended period. Leva has experience as she had a minor role in earlier seasons of the show.


Leva and Lamar recently moved into a stunning home in a posh neighborhood and are considering having another kid.

Leva Bonaparte’s new Charleston home has many beautiful features, including a sophisticated dining room with the gloomy wall color, a bright marble kitchen, and the most divine back porch. People simply cannot ignore seeing her fantastic closet.

In the video she uploaded, Leva provides a thorough tour of her impeccably kept closet, which is stuffed to the gills with colorful jackets, brilliant handbags, and eye-catching shoes.

Her closet is filled with eye-catching pieces with distinctive Southern flair. Furry to chic checkered coats are tucked next to various gold accessories and sky-high heels in shades of blue, red, and sparkling pink.

Still, her collection of expensive handbags is the most delicate part. She has an extensive assortment of crossbody bags and clutches from Chanel and Gucci.

Leva Made Headlines After Her Major Weight Loss

Leva Bonaparte revealed on Instagram that she was the victim of body shamers online. Since Bonaparte is happy, she responded to body shamers on her social media post and handled the situation well.

Leva claimed in a post on her Instagram that she tells people it’s acceptable when they think she appears overweight on TV and that she still looks cute even when she does. She also urged readers to embrace the unique contours of their bodies in the same piece.

After giving birth to her son, Leva found comfort in the weight she could not shed. But the Covid Pandemic caused a change in the scenario. Once more gaining weight, it was the most she had ever weighed. She was going through a very trying moment.

Leva reasoned to herself that it was past time, that enough was enough, and that she needed to alter her physical makeup. Leva began exercising for 40 minutes five days a week to lose weight.

She altered her eating patterns and quit consuming carbohydrates. Leva was able to reduce about 20 pounds due to her efforts. Leva is a role model for many women since she is cheerful. She consistently champions body positivity while ignoring the body-shaming bullies.

Leva Never Fear To Stand For Herself

She holds some solid convictions and is not hesitant to express them to others. She enjoys sharing her ideas with others about the world, the people she knows, and the activities she has done.

Kathryn has been a fixture on the show for a long time and is a favorite of viewers. However, she faced much backlash online for allegedly speaking to a woman of color using a dark monkey emoji.

Leva may be heard criticizing Kathryn in the Season 7 trailer for having “privilege” and how that has contaminated her world perception.

Not to add that Leva’s perceptions about Kathryn’s distorted perspective and calculated response to the aftermath were reinforced as she revealed her relationship with Chleb Ravenell.

Many admirers believed that Leva was being honest even though her statements may have been harsh. Naturally, audiences anticipated Leva’s appearance on Southern Charm, where she served as the voice of reason and presented her professional life.

How Did Lamar Bonaparte & Leva Meet?

Lamar met his reality star/entrepreneur wife while they were both students in Charleston. However, neither of the couples bothered to dive into the specifics of how their love affair began.

In addition, according to Reality Titbit, Leva met Lamar on her 29th birthday. Leva claimed she had the impression of coming across a wolf she could follow. Together, they built things and found inspiration.

Even though Leva is highly active on her Instagram page, you won’t find many images of her husband. Lamar has a Facebook account, but he seems to be a very private individual.

On January 29, 2018, the couple gave birth to a baby named Lamar. Unlike his dad, the lovely child is a regular on Leva’s Instagram feed. He is currently approximately five years old and is the prettiest young man you have recently seen.

Lamar Bonaparte & Leva Bonaparte Age Difference

Leva Bonaparte, a reality TV star, is 43 years old as she was born on May 3, 1979. Her husband is a man who places a high value on his privacy, as seen by the fact that he rarely appears on her social media, or anyplace else for that matter. His age is still a mystery.

He appears to be in his mid-40s, though. The pair must have a 3 to the 4-year age difference.

With more than 133k Instagram followers, Bonaparte already has a sizable social media following. After joining the cast of Southern Charm, her fan base grew. You can find her there under the username @levabonaparte.

Leva Bonaparte Family

Leva Bonaparte was raised in Bolivia and Canada after being born to Persian parents in India. Since her family frequently relocated when she was a youngster, she has had the opportunity to travel, experience life in many different cultures, and generally spice up her own life.

She has lived in Bolivia and Canada. She has only spent 18 years in Charleston. Although there is little information available regarding her family’s occupation, we do know that they run a successful “Multi-National” business.

Due to her family’s business, she and her siblings grew up worldwide, and she has always led a life of privilege.

Dr. Mona Haj is the name of Leva’s sister. She is a doctor in internal medicine. Leva’s zodiac sign is Taurus, and her birth name is Leva Nowroozyani. In terms of schooling, Leva Bonaparte has a high school diploma. Bonaparte graduated from a nearby high school.