Madelyn Cline Parents Pam And Mark Cline Used To Take Her To New York For Her Acting Gigs

Madelyn Cline was born to her supportive set of parents; her engineer father, Mark Cline, and her real estate agent mother, Pam Cline.

American actor, model, and social media sensation, she started modeling at age ten and was born close to Charleston, South Carolina. She dropped out of college at the age of 19 and immediately started acting after appearing in numerous print advertisements and commercials.

She had numerous appearances in shows, films, and shorts and gained notoriety with the role of Sarah Cameron in the series Outer Banks after making appearances in Stranger Things and The Originals.

Meet Madelyn Cline’s Parents Pam And Mark Cline

Madelyn Cline was born on December 21, 1997, to her parents, Pam and Mark Cline. The family is from Charleston, South Carolina’s Goose Creek and have spent most of their life there.

Mark works as an engineer with the Charleston Water System, while Pam is a local real estate agent. Madelyn’s parents have encouraged her acting goals and have even taken her to New York to audition for roles.

Who Is Madelyn’s Father, Mark Cline?

Mark graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in civil engineering before beginning his work as a city engineer in Albemarle, North Carolina, in 1982. He joined CWS in 1984 as an associate engineer. He progressed through the ranks to become an engineer, engineering manager, water plant engineer, superintendent, director of design and construction, and capital projects officer before taking up the position in 2006.

In 2018, he assumed his present position as Assistant CEO, which included control of laboratory services, water distribution, wastewater collection, and wastewater treatment at the Plum Island Wastewater Treatment Plant and water treatment at the Hanahan Water Treatment Plant.

He was recently promoted to CEO at Charleston Water System after Kin Hill’s retirement.

Who Is Madelyn’s Mother, Pam Cline?

Pam has been in the real estate business for many years, and the woman adores being of service to others and witnessing their joy. Introducing herself, she says she competes in barrel races on quarter horses.

Apart from her job, she has been the pillar of strength to her family. With very little of what is available on the web about her, she is a super mom for her daughter and a perfect wife for her husband.

Madelyn Cline’s Family Have Supported Her Career

Madelyn had received numerous rejections in the beginning, but it was her family who stood beside her. They became her guiding light til she got her first project and that big break in Hollywood.

In 2016 she was chosen for the character of “Grace Alexander” in the television movie “The Jury,” which was broadcast nationwide. After this, there has been no looking back for the actress.

She then made a brief appearance in two episodes of the CW drama “The Originals” before landing her first breakthrough role as “Tina Yet” in the hugely popular web series “Stranger Things,” which is broadcast on Netflix. Although this role is only for two episodes, it left a lasting impression on viewers and critics. She is currently a rising star in the Netflix original “Outer Banks.”

The actress has also appeared in short films, including “Children of wax,” “Wild Flower,” and “Bridge the Gap,” as well as TV series like “Vice Principal” and “Maid to Order.” She recently finished filming “What Breaks the Ice,” in which she portrays “Emily.” She is also working on her major project, “Once Upon a Time in Staten Island.”

In Stranger Things, Madelyn Cline played Tina, one of the popular girls that hung out with Steve Harrington. Madelyn appears in two episodes of the second season: “MADMAX” and “Trick Or Treat, Freak,” where she attends a Halloween party. Chase Stokes also appears in the program in a season one episode.

Her Dating Life

In the past, Madelyn Cline dated Chase Stokes, a co-star in Outer Banks. Soon after the premiere of Outer Banks season 1 in June 2020, the couple made their relationship official.

After Outer Banks season 2 was released, the couple eventually split up. Madelyn is dating a social media influencer, Zack Bia, as of January 2022.