Matt Fraser CrossFit Girlfriend, Sammy Moniz, Is A Cookbook Author Of “Feeding the Frasers”

Matt Fraser is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Sammy Moniz.
Moniz is a well-known activist in the CrossFit community, author, and chef. She launched her cookbook, Feeding The Fraser, in which she shared the nutrition secrets of the greatest sports champion. She is currently the marking manager and brand officer of HWPO Training, established by her fiancee, Matt. The couple lives together and shares their fitness and nutrition knowledge on Instagram.

Likewise, she has uploaded countless content to the YouTube platform, taught people how to lead a healthy lifestyle, and prepared some recipes.

For her, cooking is a relaxation tool that can be sitting on the couch watching TV for most of us.

Who Is Matt Fraser CrossFit Girlfriend, Sammy Moniz?

Crossfit, Matt Fraser is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Sammy Moniz.

Sammy is a chief brand officer at HWPO Training and an author of the cookbook, Feeding The Frasher. Her Instagram feed is the remix of her original recipes, some from her book and some interesting recipes from her fellow friend and food influencer.

She also runs a website, Feeding the Fraser, where she posts recipes for most of the food she cooks for Matt.

According to her website, she is the creator of all the recipes, and Matt, Cross Fit Champion, is the taste tester. She turned her cooking hobby into something more and decided to run a business based on that.

They try to live simply, eat seasonally, and cook whole foods. They hope to inspire a love of cooking, a desire to gather around food, and the courage to try something new.

Being born into a large family of seven, her best childhood memories were eating with the whole family at the dinner table. Her recipes and food are always meant to be shared with your loved ones.

During his competitive CrossFit career, she began her cooking career with a collection of Mat’s family dinners and meals. Meanwhile, Sammy has earned a generous and devoted following who can’t wait to see what comes next. Sammy has worked with wonderful ranches, such as Bel Campo and Roam Ranch. As well as brands, such as Traeger and Siete, who share similar philosophies.

In one of her interviews, she chose to vlog to remind her of the steps in each recipe.

Sammy called herself a visual learner, so the photos helped her connect the learning as she started cooking with the intention of perfecting the art of cooking.

Prior to joining Feeding the Frasers, she worked at Loud & Live as Director of Athlete Relations. She was the athlete manager for the 18 professional CrossFit athletes on their roster. Sammy has worked with Matt O’Keefe and stated that he taught her everything she knows about running a business, its management, knowledge, and skills.
She missed her old job very much as she had developed a close relationship with her colleague, but also she enjoys pursuing her passion for cooking.
Side by side, Sammy also does a fitness routine, as seen on Instagram. She is often seen exercising with her partner Matt. He supports her and prevents any injuries that may occur while performing new exercises.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Western New England University. Sammy is also taking food photography sessions and is deeply involved in recipe development to uplift her cooking game.

Matt Fraser And Sammy Moniz Dating Life

Matt Fraser and Sammy Moniz started dating while she was working at Reebok’s headquarters on the CrossFit partnership team.

They started dating in 2015 and have been together since. Though the couple is not married, they are happily engaged. They proudly display their love for each other on their Instagram. The pair are often seen traveling together or training together at a gym.

Matt and Sammy were recently in Switzerland on tour. They have not yet shared wedding plans and are not yet parents. Perhaps they are more comfortable this way or intend to tie the knot in the near future because they are not splitting up anytime soon.

Who Is Matt Fraser From CrossFit?

Matt Fraser is an American professional CrossFit athlete with the “Hard Work Pays Off” (HWPO) motto. He is the most successful and dominant athlete in CrossFit history.

He is the only CrossFit athlete in history to have won 5 consecutive CrossFit Games titles as Fittest Man on Earth (2016 – 2020).

The man who has been on the podium 7 times in a row (2014 – 2020). Prior to his association with CrossFit, Fraser was the 2009 National Junior Weightlifting Champion and resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center.

He debuted at the 2014 CrossFit Games and finished second after a strong performance. After the retirement of the Four-Time defending champion, he was one of the favorites to win in 2015. Unfortunately, he was edged out by Ben Smith in the final event.

The following year, Fraser came first and went on to win the next four CrossFit matches. The 2020 games were his last games, which he won by a dramatically extended record margin of 545 points and a record five straight championship wins.

In February 2021, he retired from competitive CrossFit and went on to establish HWPO (“Hard Work Pays Off”) training program.

He launched the program in April 2021 and restricted his training to elite athletes, delivered through his own platform.

Matt also helped coach other athletes and started one-on-one coaching to athletes, including Mal O’Brien and Justin Medeiros.

He teamed up with filmmakers Buttery Bros to announce the launch of a supplement company called Podium Nutrition, with a product release slated for July 2021.

Podium products are guided by experience, effectiveness, and honesty. After nearly a year of consulting with athletes, coaches, and gym owners, the team created community responsive and effective products for all athletes.

It is applicable to fitness training, whether they are high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, or sports.