Mdu Cadbury Entertainer Death Cause , How Did He Died?

Who Is Mdu Cadbury? Mdu is an entertainer who was shot to death recently. Get to know more about him.

Cadbury was a famous male stripper. He had gained popularity mostly among his women fans attracted to his body.

Who Is Mdu Cadbury? Meet The Entertainer

Mdu Cadbury is an entertainment figure. Cadbury gained the most fame for being a fitness model and Onlyfans star too.

To point out, Mdu mostly performed at the nightclubs frequently. He worked as a stripper there showing off his dance moves.

In addition, Mdu had also appeared on the TV shows at Moja Love. His performances and remarkable glamour were adored by many.

Not to mention, Cadbury was a private and exotic dancer. He had the experience of working with some famous personalities like Moonchild Sanelly and Somizi.

Mdu always believed the stripper profession demanded smartness and hard work. He aimed to eradicate the public perception about this personnel calling them ignorant and uneducated.

Mdu Cadbury Entertainer Death Cause Revealed

Mdu Cadbury was shot to death. In fact, he passed away on Tuesday, 27 July 2021.

As a matter of fact, the entertainment personality was killed with seven bullets piercing his body. He was shot beside a school in Saulsville in the morning.

According to his brother, Mdu was going to the gym early in the morning. Suddenly a car with some unrecognized men reached him and struck him.

Besides, as per the witness, the suspects really intended to kill him. Their whereabouts are yet to be discovered as of now.

On the other hand, Cadbury was struggling for his life as his brother found him at the scene. He was taken to a hospital nearby but could not have his life saved at last.

Mdu Cardbury’s obituary has been released by many of his well-wishers and supporters. They have paid tribute to his career and said that he will be missed for sure.

Check Mdu Cadbury Funeral Update

Mdu Cadbury underwent his funeral recently. But it is not clear when and where the burial ceremony took place.

Actually, there have been some videos circulating online on the internet of his burying ceremony. A few women are seen dancing in the video.

Mdu Cadbury Age and Wiki

Mdu Cadbury’s age was 26 years old when he died. But his exact birth details remain a mystery for now.

Likewise, Cadbury still lacks his wiki on a Wikipedia page. He hailed from Atteridgeville in Tshwane.