Meet Actress Arsema Thomas From Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story

Arsema Thomas, aged 18-23, is a cast member of the upcoming television series Queen Charlotte Bridgerton.

Queen Charlotte Bridgerton is the spin-off of the popular show Bridgeton which is all set to be released in 2023. Netflix released a snippet of the Bridgeton prequel, making fans go crazy about what will happen next. Queen Charlotte is a regency drama that will follow the story of the young Queen’s shift to power.

Arsema is cast as young Lady Danbury in her television debut. She graduated from an acting and dramatics school, which helped her polish her potential as an actress. The actress had also posted about the release of her show on her Instagram profile arsemathomas

Director Tom Verica revealed that the series has wrapped up its shoot, and the premiere is not a long wait.

Different casts have come together to give live versions of the historical kings and queens, which includes Lady Violet Bridgeton, played by Ruth Gemmell, and Lady Danbury, played by Adjoa Andoh. At the same time, the younger version of Lady Danbury will be played by Arsema Thomas. At the same time, the lead role of Queen Charlotte will be played by India Amarteifio.

Quick Facts about ArsemaThomas

Full Name ArsemaThomas
Age 18-23 years
Weight 60 kgs
Height 5’5″
Ethnicity African Descent
Education Yale University
Occupation Actress
Instagram arsemathomas

Arsema Thomas: Queen Charlotte Bridgerton

Arsema Thomas is an actress who plays the role of young Lady Danbury in the show Queen Charlotte Bridgerton.

She will be one of the highlights of the first half of the series as Lady Danbury was close to Queen Charlotte and could influence the Queen according to her will.

Arsema is new to the television world, but looking at the sneak peek of the show, we can tell that she holds a lot of potential. Arsema has a long way to go polishing her career as this is just the entry to the world of cinema and audience.

Facts To Know About Arsema Thomas

  1. Arsema Thomas plays the age range of 15-23 years old.
  2.  She was born in Atlanta, Georgia but lived in Sub-Saharan Africa most of her life and was bought up there.
  3. Talking about her parents, Arsema Thomas was born to African parents. She has a Nigerian father and an Ethiopian mother.
  4. Arsema received her B.A. in Biological science from Carnegie Mellon University in 2014. Whereas she is a Yale graduate, she got her Master’s degree in Public Health in 2018.
  5. She came to London in 2020 and enrolled in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in London, UK.
  6. Thomas is set to make her television debut in 2023 with her role in the show Queen Charlotte Bridgerton. The actress is interested in acting as well as storytelling.
  7. According to her, she loves kickboxing, tennis, and soccer and enjoys hip-hop dance too.
  8. Arsema is a multi-lingual girl as she knows different languages like Amharic, French, Spanish, Swahili, and Yoruba.
  9. The actress is also knowledgeable about playing Piano and has played it since she was eight years old.
  10. She was in refugee camps in Sudan in her childhood, as the situation was not significant in the past.

Some FAQs

What role is ArsemaThomas playing in Queen Charlotte Bridgerton?

ArsemaThomas is playing the role of young Lady Danbury in Queen Charlotte Bridgerton.

Why is ArsemaThomas’s role important?

ArsemaThomas’s role is important as Lady Danbury has influence over Queen Charlotte.

Who will play Queen Charlotte?

Queen Charlotte’s role will be played by actress India Amarteifo.

Is Queen Charlotte Bridgerton the spin off show of Bridgerton?

Queen Charlotte Bridgerton is the spin off show of Bridgeton.