MTN Nigeria Website

MTN is one of the most outstanding telecommunication companies in Nigeria. It is a South African company and it has reach in many African countries.  Nigeria is one of the countries where the network operates.

The network began operation in Nigeria in 2001, May 16 of that year to be precise. This makes the telecommunication company the very first to establish such operation in Nigeria.

Its full commercial services began in Nigerian cities, like Port Harcourt, Abuja and Lagos before it moved to other cities, towns and villages. Today, MTN Nigeria has covered virtually everywhere in Nigeria.

The network can now be accessed in up to 223 towns and cities in Nigeria. They cover more than 10,000 villages too. Their services can even be received on highways. MTN happens to be the very first network to reach many of these remote locations.

The company paid $285m for its operation license when it came in 2001.  The company had invested up to $1.8 billion in its business in Nigeria.

MTN commissioned its 3,400 km digital microwave transmission backbone called Y’elloBahn in 2003. This makes it the most extensive digital microwave transmission infrastructure in Africa. This gave MTN network better quality than ever before.

On MTN Nigeria website, you can access various information, ranging from, data bundles, mobile internet, web self service, SIM registration tips, MTN mobile self care App, Walk-in center, missed call alert and lots more.

The website is at  Their customer care is far better than what it had ever been in the past.