Patton Oswalt – Bio, Wife – Meredith Salenger, Net Worth and Family Life

Beyond making a living from the entertainment industry as an actor, stand-up comedian, and a writer, Patton Oswalt has made a name for himself as one of the best in his trade. His most incredible works are those he provided voice for especially since his voice has been heard in more movies than he has actually appeared in. In total, he has appeared in six stand-up comedy specials. Having proven his acting prowess, he is a holder of the Primetime Emmy Award and Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album in 2016. He is a family man and has been married twice. Here are lesser known facts about him.

Patton Oswalt’s Bio

Playing behind the scenes has been one of Patton Oswalt’s major work as an actor. Often times he graces the stage as a stand-up comedian, only a few know that he also performs incredibly well as a voice actor and has written a few movie scripts. Patton was born into a military home; his father Larry Oswalt paid the bills as a marine corps officer while his mom Carla played the perfect mother and wife to her family. His birth happened on January 27, 1969, in Portsmouth, Virginia and he was named after a US general; George S. Patton; a man who played a vital role in the world war II.

Patton is the older of two siblings; his brother, Matt Oswalt is a famous and successful You-tube celebrity. The comedian’s family lived in Ohio and Tustin California before relocating to Sterling, Virginia.

For his educational pursuit, Patton schooled at Broad Run High School and later furthered at The College of William & Mary where he bagged an English Degree. For the records, the comedian is a frat, he was initiated into the Alpha Theta Chapter of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity during his days at college.


Patton Oswalt’s decision to be a stand-up comedian came to be after he graduated from college. He took off in the late 1980’s and became so popular in the early 90’s just a few years down the lane after he emerged. By 1996, he scored a gig writing for MADtv and acting in his own comedy special which in turn gave him more prominence. Since then, he has gotten several roles in movies and tv shows like the drama The King of Queens (1998), he voiced the character of Remy for the Pixar movie; Ratatouille (2007). On and on he continued to get other roles and his incredible performance in the popular movie 22 Jump street (2014) surely proved how much talent he has, it made over $191.7 million in North America in addition to $139.4 million in other countries.

As a voice actor, Patton Oswalt has done some truly incredible works, he featured on the popular animated movie; SpongeBob SquarePants, The Original Fry Cook in 2007 to mention a few of his involvements. In his words, he said he gets his inspirations from the likes of Jonathan Winters, Richard Pryor, Emo Philips, Bill Hicks, Bobcat Goldwait, Steve Martin, and Blaine Capatch.

Apart from being successful as an actor,  he has also taken the path as a writer. He released his comic book; JLA: Welcome to the Working Week. 

Net Worth  

Having attained such a successful height as a comedian, it is a certainty that the comedian has built an enormous fortune from his career. Basically, no payments made to the actor as per his shows or movies have been revealed just yet but at his level of fame, we expect that he gets the most handsome remunerations for his outstanding works. As of 2018, he is estimated to be worth 14 million USD. His mainstream of income has been linked to his involvement in the entertainment world.

Wife – Meredith Salenger and Family Life

When it comes to fame, the stand-up comedian shares the platform alongside his wife Meredith Salenger who is also a star in the entertainment industry. Details about their togetherness have been kept off spotlights but we know that they got engaged sometime in 2017 and took their vows in a Jewish style that same year despite Patton being an atheist.

Prior to his union with Meredith, Patton Oswalt was initially married to a true crime writer and journalist named Michelle McNamara. The two took their vows on September 24, 2005, a few years after, they separated. His separation from her was not as a result of divorce but a case of death. The journalist was said to have died in her sleep and the cause of her death linked to an undiagnosed heart condition and complications induced by the drugs she took that night. With Michelle, he has a daughter named Alice (born in 2009).