Rapper The Real Greatness TikTok Net Worth

The Real Greatness TikTok net worth is $10 million. The Real Greatness is a TikTok star and a rapper known for his monetary giveaways.

The content creator has wormed his way into adoration and success by making inspirational music alongside over a thousand videos where he can be seen giving money away to struggling people. Greatness has split these two aspects of his content on two platforms, YouTube and TikTok.

On the former, Greatness has over 593 videos, mostly consisting of inspirational rap songs about embracing your dreams and/or being ready for any blessings life may throw your way.

On the latter, the rapper has built something of a brand around giving away money, be it cash or products, to fans and other people by asking them to do certain physical challenges or dances.

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Who Is The Real Greatness On TikTok?

The Real Greatness is a TikTok content creator known for giveaways and challenges. Greatness has over 3 million followers on the app.

The star has also amassed over 44.3 million likes and has done so in the vein of YouTuber Mr. Beast, meaning that much of his content revolves around finding down-on-their-luck individuals, especially homeless people or those on the waiting staff, and giving them a certain amount of money.

@therealgreatness #therealgreatness #foryou #positivity #foryoupage #florida #hiphop #love #tampa #greatness #faith #fun ♬ original sound – TheRealGreatness

Sometimes, Greatness gives them money outright, usually after hearing their life story or something along that line. However, the content creator also switches up his videos sometimes by making those people do a dance or some easy physical challenge in order to win some money.

The latter has brought him some criticism as many people feel he is exploiting desperate people simply for the sake of views and engagement.

The Real Greatness Rapper Songs And Music

The Real Greatness is a rapper who shares his music primarily on YouTube. The rapper has amassed over 311K subscribers on the video-sharing platform.

On the About page for his YouTube, the rapper has dubbed his style of rap, Midwest Hip-Hop, and calls himself a Rap Inspirational Artist. Greatness’s music especially fits the latter tag as much of the rapper’s songs are about overcoming fear, finding greatness, and living life to the fullest.

Given that he has over 300K subscribers, the rapper is a successful online figure and his music has been warmly received by fans who may know him more for his philanthropic side on his TikTok. The rapper regularly garners thousands of views on his channel with two even surpassing a million views.

The most successful video on his channel is a collab song with Bryson Gray called Real Life, which has amassed over 4.9 million views. The second most successful is a song called Fighting With You which the rapper has dubbed a cancer song.

The Real Greatness Website And Hoodie

The Real Greatness website is filled with merch and ways to contact him. The rapper has dubbed his website a way to join the Greatness movement.

Though one can find different varieties of merchandise on the website as it has an intensive collection of clothing and accessories, the one article that seems to catch people’s attention the most is the hoodie Greatness sells. 

The Greatness Heart Hoodie is available in black and pink featuring two designs that cost between $60- $63. One design is the rapper’s logo in front of a bleeding heart and the other is the rapper’s logo without the heart.

Aside from the hoodies, the website also sells:

  • T-Shirts (Adult & Children)
  • Throws
  • Wallpapers
  • Snapbacks
  • Personalized Songs
  • Bundles

Currently, the website is throwing a Spring Giveaway, where people can win either a 2023 Challenger Scatpack or a 2023 Chrysler 300 by following these steps:

  • Make an order worth $100 or more
  • Write in the notes what vehicle you’d like to win
  • Purchase the order, and you’re in

The Real Greatness Real Name

The Real Greatness real name has not been revealed. The rapper has continuously stated that his mission is more important than his identity.

The rapper has long been referring to himself as simply “Greatness” and has done so throughout his videos and music. In fact, in the latter, he has hinted that he has gone through some tough and traumatic events in his past which have made him uneasy about sharing information about who he used to be.

However, the rapper has been surprisingly open about his family as he has stated that he has over nine kids he’s fathered. According to Showbizcast, the kids’ names are:

  • Lyrica
  • Jace
  • Nova
  • Mia
  • Layla
  • Blaze
  • London
  • Heiress
  • Jaden

Greatness has stated that his children are his only family, but that when he was growing up, he did so around a lot of generous people who helped him see how that generosity can change people’s lives. The rapper has since abided by that philosophy.

How Did The Real Greatness Get His Money?

The Real Greatness amassed his money via social media and his music. Both the rapper’s YouTube and TikTok are very lucrative.

According to the tabulation website Social Blade, the rapper’s YouTube channel earns between $5.7K and $90.6K monthly and between $68K and $1.1 million annually solely through the channel. Greatness averages out to over 22.6 million views per 30 days.

Then, for his TikTok, the Influencer Marketing Hub calculates that the rapper has made between $4.8K and $7.2K per post based on his likes and followers. Given that he has over 1082 posts on TikToks, this means he has earned between $5,193,600 and $7,790,400.

As for where he got all this money in the first place, the rapper has never been completely clear about that part but has hinted that he did so through his music, which was seeing a decent amount of success long before he ever joined TikTok and started doing giveaways like he does now.