RIA Money Transfer in Nigeria: How to Send and Receive Money

If you have family or business interests in the Diaspora, it’s only expected that you would need effective and convenient ways to receive funds from international sources.

There are many popular international money transfer service providers in Nigeria including Western Union Money Transfer, MoneyGram and a lot of others but not many people have heard of RIA Money Transfer Services.

RIA transfer is one of the biggest money transfer agencies in the world and has a lot of benefits for Nigerians, compared to other money transfer agencies.

With RIA money transfer, you can get your funds directly into your bank account from over 137 countries in the world. You don’t need to show up at the counter in the bank to collect your funds as it goes straight into the account specified by the sender.

RIA transfer is also very great for Nigerians living in the Diaspora who wish to save some of their funds in their Nigeria bank accounts.

But if you don’t have a bank account or would prefer to receive yourfunds over the counter, you are allowed to do so too.

How to Send Money to Nigeria through RIA Money Transfer

You can send money to Nigeria through RIA money online transfer by following these steps:

1. Register online

You would need to have an account with RIA before you can use their online transfer platformtherefore;the first step you should take is toregister with RIAonline to make the whole process and future transactions easier.

Determine how much you want to send and the current exchange rate using the RIA online price calculator.  This would give you an idea of the whole transaction cost.

2. Decide on your payment method

You can either pay with your debit card, credit card or through your bank account.

3. Chose a delivery method

You could select a delivery method which allows the funds to appear directly in the recipients’  Nigerian bank account or select a cash pick up location where the recipient can visit to claim his/her funds over the counter.

Enter details of the recipient including first and last names (as displayed on their Government issued ID card), e-mail address and telephone number.

4. Receive Details of Transaction

After supplying all the information needed and paying the equivalent of the sum to be transferred through your credit/debit cards, you could be given a pin which the recipient would have to present at the cash point before he would be paid.

5. Track Your Transfer

You can find out details on the status of your transfer with RIA by using the tracking button on the RIA money transfer website.

How to Receive Funds from Cash Points in Nigeria through RIA Money Transfer

Receiving fund through RIA money transfer is just as easy as sending money through them. RIA has cash points in almost all the Nigerian Banks including First Bank of Nigeria and Diamond Bank Plc.

You can walk into any of the branches of these banks nationwide during their working hours and you would be able to cash your funds.

You would be asked to present:

  • Proof of Identification which could either be your International Passport, Driver’s license,Permanent Voter’s Card and Nigerian National Identity Card. The names on the card must be the same, and in the orderit was written by the sender.
  • The Pin given to you by the sender.
  • Details of the amount sent.
  • Sender’s name and country of origin