Wikipedia: Who Is Kelly Curtis? Everything To Know About The Athlete

Kelly Curtis is a top-drawer professional American skeleton racer who is indefatigable to compete against the unbeatable skeleton racer. The young athlete will represent Team USA at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Games in the skeleton.

She coached at St. Lawerance University as a perfectionist. She spearheads the tournament meticulously with her leadership skills. The colleagues find her a reliable person whom they can trust as a stalwart athlete without any doubts. 

Her eminence in the skeleton is significant. The insightful vision propels her to climb up the stairs with fortunate success and triumph. She aggrandizes her discipline before anything. The admirers believe she will succeed in bringing a gold medal back home with a notable victory.  

Skeleton: Kelly Curtis Age Explored

Kelly Curtis was born on 25 January 1989, and she is thirty-three years young, vigorous athlete. She hails from Princeton, N.J., and stands 5’8 tall. She graduated from Springfield College.

The sagacious athlete knew her outstanding aptitudes in the skeleton, so she continued to do her utmost to outdo every top-notch player with her undefeatable techniques. The pioneering player abominates the favoritism and nepotism in the competition. 

She struggled a lot in her early career, as it is tough to survive in the competitive world. The passionate player unleashed herself from all the criticism and anxiety through her profession, so she assumes this sport is a cause of her euphoria. 

Meet Kelly Curtis On Instagram

Kelly Curtis is available on Instagram under the username @kellycurtisusa with more than 1.9k followers and, she uploads fascinating pictures on her account. The optimistic athlete shares her mesmerizing beauty through this platform.

Her posts manifest her victory and triumph in the skeleton. She loves to reflect her blissful memories through polaroids. The adherents congratulate her on her accomplishment and pretend to be a reliable shoulder to lie on when she fails to compete against the professional players. 

Her Instagram posts boost up positive energy.