Texas Parents: Saint Brown Father Fredrick Brown And Mother Christin Patrick

Saint Brown father and mother were charged concerning his suspicious death. Although the young boy’s parents told authorities he died after falling from stairs, autopsy results revealed a different story.

A Houston Texas couple faced a charge in the death of their only son, who died following a fall on their house’s stairs.

The Houston Police Department revealed that Fredrick Brown and Christin Patrick were arrested on Wednesday and charged with severely injuring their 2-year-old son, Saint Brown, in September last year.

They faced the charge in the 208th State District Court on Thursday (25 May 2023). The incident has drawn a lot of public interest.

In today’s short article, let’s explore the circumstances of the 2-year-old boy Saint Brown’s death.

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Texas Parents: Saint Brown Father Fredrick Brown And Mother Christin Patrick

Fredrick Brown and Christin Patrick are the parents charged in the death of their 2-year-old son. As stated earlier, Saint Brown was the only child of the Brown-Patrick couple.

The Houston Police Department responded to a 2-year-old boy’s death report, who was later identified as Saint Brown, at a house in the 5900 block of Flintlock Road on 25 September 2022, around 12:45 am.

Saint Brown’s parents told the authorities that he died after falling down their house’s stairs in September 2022. 

However, the autopsy result from the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences disclosed Saint died from blunt force trauma. Later, police ruled the 2-year-old’s death cause and manner as a homicide.

The members of the Westside Patrol Division Crime Suppression Team of the Houston Police Department took the Brown-Patrick couple under custody on Wednesday (24 May 2023). The pair were charged for their roles in their only child’s untimely demise.

Saint Brown Autopsy Result

Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences conducted an autopsy on Saint Brown. The report states that the young boy died of physical abuse, particularly serious injuries to his brain and eyes.

The medical professionals who conducted the autopsy discovered bruises, bite marks, scars, swollen parts, cuts, and hemorrhaging. They concluded that the victim had been beaten many times as his wounds and injuries were in multiple healing stages.

Furthermore, there was additional proof that he had been struck with a ruler and cord. Documents state that his parents acknowledged giving him pops with a ruler.

According to the autopsy, he had been struck in the face with it. The child was underweight and malnourished. Saint was in the fifth percentile for his age group.

According to a lady who identified herself as Saint Brown’s grandma, he was God’s gift. The grieving grandmother wrote under the victim’s obituary, “I miss your pure heart, smile, love, and wisdom.”

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Saint Brown Father Fredrick Brown Is Facing Other Charges

Father of the 2-year-old victim, Fredrick Brown, who was charged in his death, is also facing additional charges for illegally possessing a weapon and drugs.

According to records, Brown also carried a short-barreled weapon that had been stolen and around five ounces of marijuana. His drug and firearms charges came with a $2,500 and $15,000 bond, respectively.

Moreover, bond restrictions prevent the Texas parents from leaving Harris County while their case is pending.

They are not permitted to communicate with one another and can’t be close to children under the age of 17.

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