Trey Makai Has Two Siblings, Sister Ellie Makai Is A TikTok Star

TikTok star Trey Makai has two siblings, a brother Riley Makai and a sister Ellie Makai. Trey Makai began uploading his fascinating dance moves and even uploaded his selfie images on Instagram.

At just age 14, Trey has racked up over 3.5 million followers and 58.3 million likes on TikTok.

His @trey_makai TikTok account grabbed the attention of the netizens for sharing choreographed dance performances. He created a new account and amassed over 3 million lovers as of December 2022.

He signed Next Step Talent. Utah native Trey was born and raised in a well-to-do family, and his parents are entrepreneurs. Besides that, Trey collaborates with his 20-year-old cousin brother Zack Lugo.

American YouTuber Trey Makai Has Two Siblings

Trey Makai was raised along with his two siblings. His brother Riley Makai and sister Ellie Makai.

Trey was in third grade when his dancing videos went viral on social media. One of Trey’s Q&A videos on his eponymous YouTube channel revealed that his biggest inspiration was his brother Zack.

He is making content and creating stuff that makes him happy. People love the bond between Zack and Trey on TikTok.

His social media accounts are handled by his mother, Jen Lugo. She uploaded her son’s free dance video on her TikTok handle in 2021. It has 88.8k likes as of December 2022. His first merch product, a lip balm, is available online now.

Jen Lugo is the mother of three kids, Riley, Trey, and Ellie, and the founder of Verefina. She manages Trey and Ellie TikTok page and runs a business.

She is the owner of Verefina. On her Verefina account, she shares her skincare product details. The mom of three has 112.8k followers and 528.6k likes as of 2022.

Trey Makai Brother Riley Makai

Trey Makai has a brother named Riley Makai.

He also has another cousin brother, Zack Lugo, 21, an online content creator. Trey and Zack often collaborate and share dance and prank videos.

Born in Idaho, Zack turned 21 years old in 2022. His mom, Lori Sommers Lugo, often appears on his TikTok account.

The social media influencer Zack has a sister named Haylie. Speaking about his love life, Zack has a girlfriend named Emma Brooks McAllister.

Trey is a way more cool influencer than any other teenage kid. Although his age is just 14, he has been featured as a top influencer. His YouTube channel Trey Makai has 461k subscribers as of 2022.

See Trey Makai Sister Ellie Makai Is A TikTok Star

Ellie Makai is widely known as the sister of Trey Makai.

His sister Ellie Makai is active on TikTok under the handle @itsellie.bellie.

She has 14.3k followers and 164.7k likes as of December 2022. People enjoy watching her funny content since she made laugh with her comedy content videos.

Tyler’s family has been supportive ever since he was a kid. Without their motivation and help, he might not be in the place where he is now. His sister Ellie helped while making a Q&A video on YouTube. She asked him a few random questions that fans want him to answer.