What Did James Charles Do To Lose Subs? His Sister Tatto And Controversy

What Did James Charles Do To Lose Subs? He is a talented makeup artist and YouTuber from the United States. Learn about his sister Tatto & Controversy from this article.

Charles began a YouTube channel while working as a local makeup artist in Bethlehem, New York, uploading makeup instructions.

Charles was designated the first male brand ambassador for CoverGirl in 2016 after a post showcasing his makeup went viral.

James Charles: What He Do To Lose Subs?

Following a video shared by his former buddy Tati Westbrook, beauty YouTuber James Charles has lost two million subscribers.

The New York-based 19-year-old vlogger has been accused of “manipulating people’s sexuality.”

He has previously sparked controversy by charging followers up to $500 (£385) to see him on tour.

According to the website Social Blade, James Charles’ subscriber count has dropped from 16.5 million on Monday to 14.5 million thus far.

He is the first YouTube star to lose one million subscribers in 24 hours, with the biggest decrease occurring on Saturday following his altercation with rival beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook.

James Charles Siter Tatto

In August 2018, James showed off his new tattoo on Instagram, sneering at the camera as he unveiled an all-caps “SISTERS” tattooed on the inside of his bottom lip.

In the original video, James went to Romeo Lacoste’s tattoo studio with his brother, Ian, which has since been pulled down, to personally give his brother some ink.

James revealed at the end of the film that he had tattooed a fine-line drawing of some balloons on Ian’s right leg with Romeo’s help. He also appears to have decided to get a tattoo while he was there.

Inking a delicate piece of James’ brand on his body, the “SISTERS” tattoo is done in Romeo’s signature line style.

James Charles Controversy 2022

Unfortunately for James, the video drew a lot of negative attention after being released.

In California, the legal minimum age for obtaining a tattoo is 18, regardless of whether or not a parent or guardian has given their consent.

Ian was only 16 when the video was shot, which meant no one in the state of California could tattoo him.

Given that it was evident that Romeo had given James permission to tattoo at his workshop, he faced some legal ramifications.

James also lacked professional training, resulting in a new round of backlash in response to the video. Despite Romeo’s help along the process, his inexperience drew even more criticism.