What Was Shane Lewis Swimmer Death Cause? Coach John Wright Allegations

Swimmer Shane Lewis death cause is said to be a prescription drug overdose at the age of 47 years old. Learn more about him.

The swimming legend Lisa Curry has come forward to speak about what Shane went through all the years before his death. She gave an interview to ABC where she talked about the dark secret of swimming.

What Was Shane Lewis Swimmer Death Cause?

Shane Lewis, the famous swimmer death cause is an overdose of prescribed drugs, according to ABC. Though his family speculated that he might have committed suicide, they have not confirmed it yet.

The swimmer represented Australia in the 1980s Barcelona Olympics. He ruled the people’s hearts and was popular for his contribution to the sports sector.

Now, after months of silence, his friend swimmer Lisa curry has opened up and talked about what he went through during his career. She claims that he was sexually abused by his coach John Wright in his childhood- specifically when he was 11, 12, 13 years old.

He tried to complain about his childhood trauma and suffering before his death but his story was unheard of which discouraged him.

In 2016, he complained to Swimming Australia about his former coach, Wright. He told them that he sexually assaulted him at Brisbane’s Chandler pool in the 1980s when he was in his teenage.

Now, after his death, his friend Lisa does not wish to see any other children going through the same trauma and grow up in such an environment. Thus, she decided to talk about Shane’s suffering and let other children know his experience mean something.

Who Is Shane Lewis Mother Sue Lewis?

Shane Lewis mother Sue Lewis also shared some information about him. She mentioned that she found out about the incident in 2010 when her son was recovering from a suicide attempt.

She shared, her son told her that Wright used to perform oral sex on him and assaulted him for a year or more. She also added that the family did not know about it at that time and he was good at hiding things.

He was the eldest kid among the six children of Sue. He always seemed fine so they never thought about something like that happening to him.

Besides, he was not the only victim of John. Other two former swimmers told the ABC that Wright molested them around the same time Lewis was molested- at the same Brisbane pool.

Learn What Happened to Shane Lewis?

Shane Lewis sadly passed away at the age of 47 after his traumatic childhood experience was unheard of by the authorities. He filed a complaint to Swimming Australia five years prior to his death. However, the reply from the authorities left him disheartened.

Since then, he stopped talking about it after getting the reply from Swimming Australia, said Hetty Johnson, a child protection advocate who helped Shane.