Who is Bretman Rock – The Filipino Instagram Star, His Sister, Net Worth and Age

Bretman Rock Sacayan is an Instagram star who garnered popularity since his days at high school. He is a vlogger known for his funny, beauty videos on Instagram and is also celebrated as a beauty influencer. He is loved for his uniqueness, sassy personality, and confident style.

With over a million followers on most of his social media platforms, fame has been quite easily attained. The Instagram star is breaking barriers in the world as one of the male beauticians that have made a mark with history. He is often referred to as a transvestite. If you are not already familiar with the male beautician, this article would enlighten you on all the necessary facts you should know about him.

Meet Bretman Rock – The Filipino Instagram Star (Age)

The make-up unusual personality was born in the Philippines on July 31, 1998, but spent his formative years in Hawaii, USA. He has dual nationality – Filipino and America. He is of Filipino Asain heritage and has Portuguese ethnicity.

His name Bretman Rock is not one of the many regular names in the world. Some of his fans have even come to conclusions that his name was basically a reel life act, however, his name Bretman Rock was given to him by his dad who is a die-hard fan of wrestling. His father’s love for Bret Hart and The Rock, prompted the usual moniker, Bretman Rock. More so, he has chosen to hide his last name Sacayanan away from the records.

Bretman became famous at a young age, he was popularly known in high school as a guy who made funny faces. He had a successful academical career at Campbell High School and had a balance with both his social life and academic life. In fact, he graduated as one of the most popular students in school as well as bagging a grade of 3.5 GPA all through his days at high school.

Meanwhile, as an eighth grader, Rock took to uploading several videos on his YouTube channel he created. He drove with consistency and within a short space, he garnered over millions of loyal subscribers on his channel. With the platform Instagram, he has succeeded in creating one of the exciting pages on his platform and gathered over two million followers on Instagram.

It was sometime in 2015 that he gained massive prominence. One of his uploaded videos that year went viral but was later taken down by Instagram with reasons best known to them. His fans didn’t take it likely and started a movement known as #bringbretmanback on Twitter, that moment spurred him more to fame and his account was later restored.

The YouTuber publicly stated that his grandmother has been the reasons behind his love for makeup. He often times experiments with his mother’s makeup when he was younger and that tiny gesture from his mom has been the platform he used in attaining fame. Apart from his social media activities, he also has taken delight in sports activities. He was a star sprinter while at the high school.

His Sister

Rock shares an amazing bond with his family. His family has helped him uphold his dreams and has been his support system from the inception of his career. He has a sister named Princess who is like his ‘twine’. The two maintain a very close relationship and are often seen together in a few of his video uploads. You can see Princess in his video challenges like Whisper Challengers and Spicy Ramen Challenges.

Sometime in 2018, the two made a video of them with Princess all dressed like his look alike. His sister has also followed his footsteps and is doing perfectly well as a media personality.

Net Worth

One beautiful thing about being an Instagram star is the ability to top earnings at one’s comfort zone. It is not like the normal white collar job that requires stress and isn’t flexible. Rock has obviously made a lot of fortune from his career course. With over 10 million followers on his Instagram page and over 2.7 million YouTube subscribers, he sure has made a whopping sum of money from social media. As of the day this article was penned down, it is believed that his net worth lies at $500,000.