Who Is Jason Van Tatenhove? Oath KeepersSpokesperson Testifying Before Jan 6 Committee

Jason Van Tatenhove, who served as the national communications director for the Oath Keepers in 2015 and 2016, will be one of several individuals with connections to extremist groups who will appear before the Jan 6 pannel on the 12th of June 2022 to give his testimony.

Who Is Jason Van Tatenhove? Wikipedia Bio

Jason Van Tatenhove is a lifelong resident of Colorado and a former tattoo parlor proprietor. Shortly after relocating to Montana in 2014, he encountered the Oath Keepers while covering the Bundy Ranch story.

According to him, he initially joined the Oath Keepers as a sort of embed to record and tell the tale of a militia group, much as how renowned writer and journalist Hunter S. Thompson did the same for the Hell’s Angels biker gang in the late 1960s.

Jaosn Van Tatenhove ended up speaking to reporters on behalf of the Oath Keepers, managing the group’s social media account and producing blog articles.

He told a reputed news portal that he had those lofty ideas that he was going to write his breakthrough work, but what wound up happening is that he just became a propagandist for them. He pretty much blew the internal mission.

According to his Linkedin, he is a founder and writer at the Colorado Switchblade, novelist, contemporary artist. Van went to The Art Institutes to gain design and visual communications skills from 1992 to 1994. His work experience from 2009 has been mentioned on the account.

He founded Runic Body Art on $568 and a dream. He was in the trenches doing everything from designing and building logos, websites, and marketing materials to being a body piercer and eventually a certified laser removal tech. Jason also managed supply inventories, equipment upkeep, and six employees.

Jason Van Tatenhove Was A Former Oath Keepers Spokesperson

As a publicist of the Oath Keepers back in 2015, he also had conflicts with Rhodes, who forbade him from penning viewpoints that he disagreed with, such as when Jason Van Tatenhove wanted to voice his support for the 2015 Supreme Court ruling that made same-sex marriage lawful. A few years later, Jason Van Tatenhove left the organization.

Jason Van Tatenhove was particularly critical of the militia organization after he left it. He used to agree with Rhodes that it was important to monitor the government, but he has now changed his mind.

He is now all set to testify on the Jan 6 riot, and the news and podcast website the Colorado Switchblade, which Van Tatenhove launched last year, claims that he spoke before the committee twice: once through Zoom and once in person.

Jason Tatenhove wrote in a post-dated June 7 that his evidence would give a “historical overview of the Oath Keepers and violent militias.”

Jason Van Tatenhove Religion & Nationality

Jason Van Taenhove is an American by nationality. He is from Colorado, United States, and is a true nationalist from the way he comes to the forefront. Talking about his views, he never forgets to mention his sheer love for his nation.

Coming to his religious beliefs, he has not publicly spoken about them anywhere. However, Taenhove is speculated to be Christian until now. Not that there are any activities of his that support the statement, but it’s how the media portrays him.