Michigan: Who Is Marc Keast? Meet The Prosecutor In Crumbley’s Case

Marc Keast is an American lawyer currently serving as the assistant prosecuting attorney of Oakland County, Michigan. 

Along with Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald, Keast is looking into Crumbley’s case. Having joined the office in September 2007, he has been working as an assistant prosecutor for over 14 years.

The assistant prosecutor was left speechless after watching the chilling footage from the security camera of Ethan Crumbley attacking the students at Oxford Hgh School on Tuesday.

Marc Keast Age: How Old Is He?

Marc Keast’s age is not known as of yet.

The Oakland County assistant prosecutor has not revealed his age. There is also no information on the web regarding his private details.

We could not find much information about him. But we hope to update it as soon as possible. 

What Is Marc Keast Salary And Net Worth? 

Marc Keast earns an annual salary of around $75k as it is the average salary of the assistant prosecutor in Michigan.

However, his salary might be higher than the average as he has worked in the same post for over 14 years and his grade must have been increased.

Keast’s net worth is unknown as of yet.

The assistant prosecutor has yet to disclose his net worth and earnings to the public. He must have a high net worth as he has been working in Oakland County for almost one and half-decade. 

For now, we don’t have details on Keast’s net worth. We hope to update it as soon as possible.