Who Is Natalia La Vikinga From Survivor? What You Didn’t Know About Her

Natalia Alcocer Camelo is a participant from Survivor México (2021).

Adianez Hernández, Gary Centeno, Pablo Mart, and Paco Pizaa were the members of the tribe. They were considered the most powerful and created an alliance known as the Dream Team. Natalia was integrated into this alliance. They were able to win the first round of voting together. Still, as the other members of the tribe learned about their collaboration, they banded together to fight against it.

Together, they won the first round of voting. After being nominated in the sixth cycle, Natalia was one of the first candidates to be targeted by this unified minority. After some time had passed, Natalia was the first member of the Dream Team alliance to be eliminated when Gary and Guillermo Dorantes prevailed against her in the Extinction Duel.

Who Is Natalia La Vikinga?

A famous Mexican actress and reality TV star, Natalia La Vikinga’s real name is Natalia Alcocer.

Born in 1989 in Mexico City, Natalia graduated from the University of Iberoamericana. She also graduated from the European Institute of Design in Madrid. 

According to her IMDb page, Natalia portrayed many characters, including Angélica, Aranza, Lisbeth, and Alondra, in the television series “La rosa de Guadalupe,” which aired from 2013 to 2016. While competing in “Survivor Mexico” in 2021, Natalia earned the nickname “La Vikinga” because of her courageous behavior throughout the game.

Before that, Natalia was a contestant on several popular reality series, including the Mexican adaptation of “Big Brother” and “Zona Ruda.”

She was with her ex-partner Juan Jose for a total of six years before the disheartening details of their relationship came to light. On the other hand, Natalis has moved on with Michale Con D Real, and the two are currently enjoying a great relationship.

On Natalia’s Instagram, which provides a glimpse into the couple’s precious personal lives, Michael can be seen smiling and laughing with the actress and her three young girls.

Is Natalia La Vikinga Married?

Juan José Chimal Velasco, a business magnate, was Natalia Alcocer’s former spouse. The couple had a child together.

Mr. Velasco has extensive experience in the field of industrial systems engineering. He serves as the managing partner of Grupo G Ingeniera. This corporation specializes in designing, developing, implementing, and monitoring telephone and automation projects, electrical projects, and networks.

Chimal Velasco, the brother-in-law of Enrique Pena Nieto, Mexico’s former president, is the primary reason for Chimal Velasco’s notoriety. Nieto married Velasco’s sister, Verónica Peña Nieto, in 1995. As a result, the former couple enjoyed a prosperous family life until 2021, when Natalia discovered her husband’s infidelity.

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Natalia La Vikinga Domestic Abuse Case

In the year 2021, Natalia Alcocer began speaking out about the physical and emotional violence she suffered at the hands of her husband.

Her images and experiences on Instagram rose to prominence after she spoke publicly about the mental torture she had suffered before meeting Juan José Chimal Velasco. Martina, the older daughter of the actress, was the one who uncovered the fact that her father, Juan, had been unfaithful to her mother. After that, Natalia decided to end her relationship with her cheating spouse.

Nevertheless, according to Natalia’s version of events, Chimal Velasco continued verbally attacking her over her financial condition. This occurred even though she had already asked him to leave their lives.

Her Instagram account has become a voice for those unable to speak up for themselves after being the victim of mental abuse in a romantic relationship. She uses it to educate her followers to be more aware of this form of exploitation.

Natalia La Vikinga Net Worth

Natalia attracts significant money thanks to her success as a businesswoman, reality television personality, and well-known actress.

Natalia’s success may be attributed to her time and effort in pursuing her interest, resulting in a net worth of about two million dollars. Because she plays many parts in the business, Natalia is able to keep up her extravagant lifestyle despite the amount of hard work she puts in. Although her precise income amounts are undisclosed, they are believed to be pretty substantial.