Who Is Nina Flohr? Everything To Know About Prince Philippos’ Newly Wedded Wife

Nina Flohr is the new Princess of Denmark. She recently got married to the Prince of Greece and Denmark. Learn everything about her.

Nina Flohr is a Businesswoman from Sweden. She is widely known as a member of the Greek royal family and Danish royal family.

Recently Nina got married to Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark. Prince Philippos is the youngest son of Constantine II, the former King of Greece.

Now Nina is the princess of the Danish royal family. Aside from being the princess of Greece and Denmark, she is the founder of the Kisawa Sanctuary and Bazaruto Center for Scientific Studies in Mozambique.

The princess is the daughter of Thomas Flohr. Thomas is a Swedish billionaire businessman. Previously, Nina was a creative director of her father’s luxury aviation company VistaJet. She is currently the creative director for Kisawa.

Is Nina Flohr Pregnant?

Princess Nina is not pregnant. She met Prince Phillipos in 2018. After that, they appeared as a couple on many occasions.

In 2020, She and Prince Philippos got engaged in Ithaca, Greece. The pair held a private marriage on December 12, 2020, in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Recently, they tied the knot again. Nina and Philipos got remarried on Saturday, October 23. This is their 3rd marriage in a year.

The ceremony took place in Athens.

Their first marriage was in a Swedish ski resort. Only their fathers were present at the wedding because of Covid-19. Nina revealed their marriage on her Instagram with a photo captioned “Just Married.”

The couple got married for the 2nd time at a high-class event in Cambridgeshire. According to Daily Mail, the event happened at Vouge’s writer Alice Naylor-Leyland’s home.

Prince Philippos Wife: Nina Flohr Wedding Photos.

The wedding photos of Princess Nina and Prince Phillipos’s third wedding are stunning. The ceremony was held in the Greek capital’s Metropolitan Cathedral.

British Royal sisters Princess Eugenie and Beatrice also attended the wedding.

In the photos, the Greek princess wore a traditional white dress from Chanel. At the same time, Prince Philipos wore a three-piece navy black suit and a polka dot tie. The bride’s dress had a dropped V cut, a bow, a long veil, and a royal tiara belonging to her mother-in-law.

As for hairstyles, the Prince had a classic sleeked-back hairdo, and the princess had a low bun. The couple looked happy and grateful in their wedding images.

How Old Is Nina Flohr?

As of 2021, Princess Nina is 34 years old. She was born on January 22, 1987. Her full name is Nina Nastassja Flohr.

Her mother is Katharina Konecny. Katharina is the creative director of the jewelry firm House of Faberge.

She is also the founding reviser of Vogue Russia and Greece. Nina has a half-sister named Sophia.

The princess has studied in both the UK and the USA. Her parents got divorced when they were young. Nina later moved to London with her mother in 2001.