Who Is Topher Park? Meet The New Boyfriend Of 90 Day Fiance Alum Deavan Clegg

Model turned actor Topher Park made headlines when he admitted to being the boyfriend of reality tv star Deavan Clegg. Learn more about his life.

The internet was ablaze when Deavon started posting pictures of her child with a man other than her 90 Day Diencee co-star Ji-hoo. Fans noticed he was an entirely different Asian man. They could help by express their disappointment as they were hardcore shippers of the couple.

Accountant Topher Park is the new man in her life. Learn more about the whirlwind romance below.

Who Is Topher Park? Deavan Clegg New Boyfriend 2021

Rumor has it that Topher Park is dating 90-day fiancee’s star, Deavan Clegg. The reality tv star admitted to this fact in an Instagram live.

Clegg gushed about how they met at a place when going to Korea. They had a mutual friend, so they exchanged social media.

As soon as they were back in Los Angels, they went on a quarantine date.

Topher is close with Devan’s family. Some even speculate that they are engaged.

Previously, Devan’s fans were rooting for her to be together with her 90 Day Feincee co-str Jihoon. But as the show ended, the two gone on their separate ways.

Topher Park Wikipedia Details: How Old Is He?

Unfortunately, Topher Park do does not have a Wikipedia page. According to IMDb, he stands at five feet nine inches or 1.75 meters tall.

The accountant was born and raised in his hometown Los Angeles. As a young child, he showed interest in learning the guitar and eventually ventured into modeling in his teens.

In 2015, he graduated from UC Riverside with a degree in theatre.

Before eve completing school, he had casting directors lined outside his door, waiting to sign him on films.

However, things did not go along with the plan since he has not starred in a film in five years.

Topher Park Instagram Revealed: Meet Him On IG

You can meet Topher Park on his Instagram handle @hyu.nw and be a part of his 37.7 followers.

Park’s account is verified. The page is a look into his mind.

The actor has become somewhat of an Instagram influencer as he regularly does sponsor posts. He also made sure to have an intimate connection with his followers by posting about his personal life.

Topher Park Net Worth Explored: What Does He Do?

The net worth of Topher Park as of 2021 is still under review. We estimated it to be between 1 million to 4 million dollars.

Park earns his bread by working a professional accounting job in Beverly Hills.

According to t his IMDb page, he has 20 acting credits.

The actor started his career working in short films. He got his big break when he played a small part in the tv series About Us.

Topher has featured in a variety of shows, including Six Degrees of Everything, Tales of Titans, Old Dogs & New Tricks, and Jungle Justice.

Moreover, the actor appeared in the video game James Bond: World of Espionage.