Who Killed Ava White? Parents React To 14-Year-Old Guilty Verdict

Ava White’s parents reacted as a schoolboy used a seven-inch knife to stab her.

A jury has been told that a teen accused of murdering Ava White exhibited “callous indifference” as he took pictures, ate crumpets, and played a computer game after her stabbing.

For legal reasons, the 14-year-old kid claims he accidentally stabbed Ava, 12, in self-defense after a fight over a Snapchat video in Liverpool city center on November 25 last year.

Stabbing: Who Killed Ava White?

On November 25, 2021, Ava white, who was 12, was tragically stabbed in Liverpool city center during a Christmas lights switch-on. Ava, a student at Notre Dame Catholic College in Year 8, was regarded as “special” and “very” popular.

The 14-year-old was denied bail and was kept in custody until his next court appearance. After the stabbing, CCTV footage showed the “callous” youngster and his mates going into a shop to buy butter for crumpets and style hair for a photo before returning home to play Call of Duty on a PlayStation 4.

Ava and her pals got into a confrontation with the youngster and three of his buddies after the lads took Snapchat footage of her group, according to the court.

Learn About Parents React To 14-Year-Old Guilty Verdict

Ava White was born to Robert Martin and Leanne White. Ava was their first child and Mia is the sister of AVa. According to, Ava’s dad had spoken out for the first time since her death.

The family was “totally upset” and “heartbroken,” he said. “We would want to express our gratitude to everyone for their continued support at this difficult time,” he said.

“I appreciate all of your thoughtful words and contribution.”

What Happened To Ava White? Case Update And Hearing

The 14-year-old, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, claimed he stabbed Ava White accidentally in self-defense. He had pleaded guilty to possessing an offensive weapon, but following a trial, he was found guilty of murder, according to

Justice Amanda Yip told the youngster that he would face a life sentence as a result of the judgment, but that she needed to figure out “what the minimum length of time that you would have to serve in custody is.”